October 16, 2023

Are you interested in starting a business that gives 100% to 1000% returns per month? If so, Dylan invites you to a proven 8-figure copy-and-paste business opportunity. He promises to share the secrets of how he grew a biz that makes a million dollars in monthly revenue. 

AgencyBox teaches how to build 7-figure digital marketing agencies through a three-step process. It’s made for digital marketers who want to turn their freelance business into a successful digital marketing agency. Dylan breaks down the three-step process to succeed in digital marketing in 2023. The first step is to create more high-ticket offers because it generates more profit from each deal. Dylan also explains that high-ticket clients are easier to work with. The second step is to create an automated client acquisition process. It should be simple, consistent, and reliable in generating new leads. The third step is done-for-you fulfillment. Outsourcing services is cheaper than paying in-house employees. AgencyBox costs $997 per year for the base package and $4,997 for premium. You can also upgrade the premium package to include coaching. But you’ll need to book a call to get the details, but some reports say it’s between $20k to $30k. AgencyBox students get 

access to the AgencyBox dashboard,

access to the learning center,

website set-up, agency logo, and tools, 

management portal and, 

access to 50 resources (scripts, templates, case studies, and pitch decks). 

The CEO and founder of AgencyBox is Dylan Vanas from Vancouver, Canada. There’s no info on his LinkedIn about his educational background. What we know is that he started doing business at 18 years old selling sugar gliders. This biz made over $1 million in its first year. He realized that this business (although profitable) was eating too much of his time. So, he shifted his focus to digital marketing because it was easier. Dylan launched Mindful Agency and AgencyBox in 2018. Their services included social media management, Google ads campaign, and graphic design. He was also a contributor to Entrepreneur Media in 2021. Dylan is quite an online celebrity. His AgencyBox YouTube channel has 403K followers as of writing. 

AgencyBox and the Digital Marketing Agency Business Model

AgencyBox is legit, and Dylan Vanas is a good coach overall. What I like about Dylan’s course is that it includes an order management portal that helps agency owners organize offers, view prices, and sort orders. You can also submit tickets here if you need support from the AgencyBox team. Dylan provides scripts and templates that are useful for new digital marketers. AgencyBox published many success stories. One of them is Gavin, a nineteen-year-old from Wisconsin. He was only making around $1,200 when he first started with AgencyBox. His digital agency slowly grew to $22K monthly by following Dylan’s 3-step process. 

Dylan Vanas has a huge social media presence, and AgencyBox seems like a popular digital marketing course. I’m curious why it doesn’t have a Trustpilot rating and there are no Reddit discussions about it. AgencyBox is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It’s one-star rated with BBB and there are three verified complaints from past students. One is from Lindsay S. She complains about low-quality service, poor order fulfillment, and unmet deadlines. Lindsay says AgencyBox picks up freelancers on Fiverr to fulfill service requests from the students. However, their poor management led to unmet deadlines and underwhelming results. A website she requested for her client wasn't finished on time and her specific instructions weren't followed. Her overall experience was terrible. 

Digital marketing is a highly saturated industry. There are over 10,000 digital marketing agencies that populate the $460 billion U.S. digital advertising market. This number has grown by 21.8% since 2022, according to a report by IBIS World. Agency start-up costs go as high as $16,000. That’s on top of the $20K you pay for the AgencyBox program and coaching. Running a digital marketing agency is also very expensive. Aside from start-up and training costs, there are also recurring fees for ads. Cost-per-click on Facebook is now from $1.01 to $3.0 for every 1,000 impressions. It was only $0.97 last year (2022). 

Dylan makes it sound so easy, but running a marketing agency in 2023 isn’t as simple as he promises. Clients want instant results. If they don’t see results, they’ll leave. Dylan’s outsourcing strategy isn’t sustainable long-term. There’s already a BBB complaint against him for hiring irresponsible freelancers from Fiverr, but he continues to sell this ‘profitable’ system, anyway. 

It’s expensive to build and own a digital marketing agency. Aside from paying the full cost of the course, you also need to prepare for the additional costs of tools and software. You need to test ad campaign strategies to find the one that works for you. Finsync reports that the average gross profit margin of marketing agencies is 23%. Dylan’s claim of achieving 100% to 1000% returns per month is an exaggeration. With high start-up and operating costs, new agencies struggle to hit 20% margins. A 100% to 1000% margin can only be achieved by big marketing corporations with an established brand and market share in the industry. Start-up agencies will live off their crumbs while competing with thousands of other new entrants.

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