October 24, 2023

Launch an online biz that makes $1,500 to $6,000 per sale in just 24 hours. Dylan Alarie is determined to convince you he’s got the best business idea ever. He boasts a business-in-a-box solution that makes quick high-ticket commissions, so you can make big bucks without breaking a sweat. Is Dylan your golden ticket to affiliate success, or is he just another guru after your money?

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Dylan Alarie and his co-founders introduce a digital franchise concept that aims to sell an automated business. Your only role is to generate leads, and then the team handles marketing and closing. Is this automated biz the best opportunity for stay-at-home moms? This Affiliate Nation review covers everything you need to know about the course, the founders, and reviews from past students of the program. I’ll also share controversies linked to the course, including its association with defunct MLM companies. 

Affiliate Nation is a done-for-you affiliate marketing service where partners promote Unify Travel Club memberships in a ready-to-use system. Dylan says he’s literally handing over a million-dollar business to you. You don’t have to take calls or sell face-to-face. This program is made for busy professionals, new people online, and affiliate marketers who are tired of promoting links and getting nowhere. Partner affiliates learn a proven marketing and sales system, and a new software. They’ll also be taught how to build funnels, train or hire a sales team, find products and offers, and market them. 

Affiliate Nation is selling something unique and they call it a digital franchise. The concept is similar to how you’d typically franchise a brand. You’re buying the right to resell the product and the marketing system. Although the most part is done for you and automated, the first step of the business cycle (lead generation) is not. You generate leads, the marketing team takes over, and the high-ticket closers seal the deal for you. It’s not stated on the website how much the program costs, but some sources say it’s $10,000. There’s also a 30-day conditional refund policy. The product is a Unify Travel Club membership that offers huge discounts on transportation and accommodation fees. The company is co-owned by Dylan. Inside the travel club is another affiliate program that offers 50% commissions per member signup. It’s like MLM in travel club form. 

Six experienced affiliate marketers founded Affiliate Nation. These founders are Dylan Alarie (the face of the company), Shane Carling, Jordon Rowe, Justin Cartwright, David Trachsel, and Michael Mossino. Dylan is a carpenter who got into affiliate marketing through a ClickFunnels course by Russel Brunson. Shane Carling is a sales trainer who’s also linked to another travel membership MLM, called WorldVentures Holdings. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2020 and is facing a lawsuit for illegal MLM practices. Jordan Rowe is a marketing guy who worked with companies like iSM Sales Group and Rowse Enterprises Inc. Justin Cartwright is an IT technician and programmer, David Trachsel’s background is in cyber security, and Michael Mossing is a digital marketer. 

In the photo: Affiliate Nation co-founder Dylan promotes Unify Travel Club membership

Affiliate Nation, High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing, and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Affiliate Nation seems like a legit affiliate course and partnership program at first glance. It’s founded by entrepreneurs who are affiliates themselves. So, they probably know how to put up a great affiliate coaching course. They offer a legit service which is done-for-you affiliate marketing. Affiliate Nation is also 4.3-star rated in Trustpilot and there are published testimonials and success stories. It’s been around since 2020. But surprisingly, there aren’t many real-world reviews that are on their YouTube or sales page. They’re also secretive about the cost of the Affiliate Nation course and Unify Travel Club. You need to book a call to get the details. 

The biggest issue with Affiliate Nation is that it only promotes one product. Dylan co-owns Unify Travel Club, which instantly explains why it’s the only high-ticket item endorsed by Affiliate Nation. Your goal as a program partner is to find leads for the in-house marketers and closers. And then you get a commission for every successful referral. Unify Travel Club is a membership program that promises the champagne lifestyle for a beer budget. It leverages exclusive discounts to sell its club membership to frequent travelers. The club promises its members exclusive perks and discounts on resort condos, luxury vacation homes, high-end hotels, tour packages, and concierge services. With deals up to 89% off, the offer is hard to turn down. 

If you join Affiliate Nation, you’re both an affiliate marketer and a multi-level marketer. The first earning opportunity is through high-ticket affiliate commissions in selling the Unify Travel Club membership. Again, you don’t need to close the deal. Your only job is to find leads, and the team will handle the rest. The second earning opportunity is through Unify Travel Club’s referral program. Become a club member and invite others to join for a 50% commission on each successful referral. Unify Travel Club follows an MLM-like business structure. And, it’s interesting that Shane Carling (one of the founders), happens to be linked to a now-defunct MLM travel company. World Ventures Holdings is very similar to Unify Travel Club (another coincidence). 

There’s nothing wrong with travel clubs, many of them are legit. But because of its high-risk nature, it’s highly monitored by the government. Travel Clubs Regulation under the Fair Trading Act (FTA) requires travel club businesses to have a license. Unify Travel Club never mentioned a license or certification to validate their legitimacy to operate. Their sales page and Facebook look sketchy too. For a travel club (such as Unify), you’d expect photos of real members enjoying their travel perks. But all the posts are stock images, and it makes you more skeptical if the perks are even real. 

Multi-level marketing companies have always been enticing to many individuals despite their sketchy nature. A study by the AARP Foundation found that 20 million adults in the U.S. have engaged in MLM activities. That means one in thirteen adults has done it at least once in their lives. 91% of the respondents said they did it for quick money. But the same data shows that 73% (of those who joined MLM) either lost money or only reached break-even. 

Affiliate Nation Review on YouTube

Aaron Chen is an affiliate marketer and the creator of Invincible Marketer. His channel, Internet Marketing Reviews, reviews online courses and digital products. It was created in 2018 and now has 40.1K subscribers and over a thousand video uploads. 

Aaron Chen of Internet Marketing Reviews shares his opinion on Affiliate Nation’s DFY marketing system. He starts by saying that the course was created by successful entrepreneurs. And then, he went on to say that the biz focuses on Unify Travel Club memberships and nothing else. Unify Travel is owned by the creators of Affiliate Nation. So, selling travel club memberships is like being employed by Dylan and his team. Aaron warns that the biggest disadvantage of Affiliate Nation is that it’s heavily reliant on a DFY marketing system. If it fails, everyone riding on the strategy will also fail. 

Does Affiliate Nation Offer A Legit Business Opportunity For Moms?

Affiliate Nation offers a shady, but still technically legitimate, business opportunity. However, the success rate of high-ticket affiliate marketing is very low. Dynu In Media reports that 95% of new affiliates drop out because of steep competition, unstable income, and inadequate marketing skills. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need outstanding product and service offers. With Affiliate Nation, you don’t have a choice because you’re stuck with just one product, Unify Travel. Unify Travel has an MLM reputation. So, it will be hard to sell Unify Travel subscriptions and existing clients may even come after you for a refund. The whole concept of Affiliate Nation is not a business. It’s basically a job that pays hefty commissions for successful referrals made. In a simple sense, you’re paying them to learn an over-hyped biz. It can make money for a while, but it’s not long-term and sustainable. 

It's very risky to invest in a course with a questionable reputation. My online biz recommendation is local lead generation. Local lead gen offers a legit opportunity for regular people and stay-at-home moms. This biz involves ranking site and renting them out to small business owners. There are over 10 million companies in the United States who don't have their own sites, so there's definitely a market for this service. Leads generated from ranked sites have huge profit margins, at least 85%. 

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