September 7, 2023

'Make $453,000 in 60 days without Amazon, Shopify, or Facebook', is Adam Cherrington's notable pitch on ads promoting his affiliate course. In 2022, he taught this affiliate strategy to 15 people, and in 2023, he aims to teach it to 50 more. Adam claims to make almost half a million in just 2 months through his system, but it isn't cheap. To learn Adam's method, be ready to spend at least $45K upfront. The question is: Is it worth paying for an expensive course from this ex-felon-turned-guru? 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Adam Cherrington has a business offer that he claims can make almost half a million dollars in under 60 days through affiliate arbitrage. But, is this $40K course a worthy investment for moms? This Adam’s Method review covers all you need to know about the business model and the creator, Adam Cherrington. I’ll also discuss the expenses to prepare for when joining the program. In the end, I’ll answer if it’s a good investment for moms based on industry statistics. 

Adam's method requires you to spend $5K to $10K on paid ads and additional tools like funnel builder software. Unlike most affiliates, he relies on paid traffic, which is really expensive to run. The goal is to test various campaigns and scale only the ones that have successful results. He does not reveal the cost of his coaching course. You need to book a call to get the details. But, here's what we found

  • Adam charges $39,995 for 6 months of coaching, 

  • $49,995 for 1 year of coaching and, 

  • $99,995 for VIP coaching with a 50-50 profit-sharing arrangement locked in for 24 months. 

Adam Cherrington was born in San Benito, Texas. His parents divorced when he was 7, and he was forced to live with his mom and stepfamily. In his late teens, he smuggled cocaine overseas, which led him to spend 3 years in Australian prison. At 24 years old, he got out of jail and lived with his father in San Antonio. His life turned around when he took an HTML course and studied CSS and Photoshop. He also learned from business coaches Jeremy Palmer and Jason Nyback. Adam worked part-time at FedEx to finance his education. His first completed project,, was a success. It ranked in the US, hosted affiliate links to guitar lessons, and made $129,000 in its first year. It was later sold for $10K.

Adam's Method and the Affiliate Arbitrage Business Model

Adam promises the single best-paid traffic channel for affiliate marketers, but is it really? His strategy is called affiliate arbitrage, a cross between affiliate marketing and the arbitrage business. His strategy uses paid ads to push traffic rather than free traffic generated through content. What's unique about this method is that he doesn't use Amazon, Shopify, and Facebook, which most affiliates use. 

When testing campaigns, Adam starts with push ads at $0.15-$0.30/ click and continue the successful ones to email sponsorships at $0.50-$1.20/click. The successful ones from these campaigns go to dedicated emails at $1.50-$3.00/click. He doesn't use Mailchimp, instead, promotes within other people’s emails (another paid feature). As an affiliate, he was active in the health and wellness niche, promoting supplements to middle-aged women via email. 

What I like about Adam is that he applies his experience and expertise to help students create a decent system in their business. He started making money online in 2005 and has 18-years-worth of valuable knowledge and experience. He has a 27-member team including 8 VAs that attend to the needs of his students, like building landing pages and creating ads. Aside from VA support, students also get 

  • One-on-one Zoom coaching calls with Adam, 

  • access to affiliate marketing network, 

  • library of recorded training, 

  • affiliate marketing tools and, 

  • a private online community.

What I don't like about it is that it's very expensive. You need at least $45K if you're getting the $39,995 program and then spend $5K on ads. The refund policy is also questionable. To be eligible for a refund, attend at least 20 Zoom calls, have 5 marketing reviews, and spend at least 10k on ads. There are no success stories and no discussions on Reddit. Either he required his students to sign an NDA or have very few ones. 

Adam Cherrington Review On YouTube

Annie of Get Free With Annie reviews Adam Cherrington's affiliate arbitrage business model. She warns about the high cost of the program. Prices range from $40,000 for the six months program to $100,000 for the VIP service with profit sharing. The advantage of getting Adam's Method is you also get personalized mentorship. However, the cons include high start-up and operating costs and risk of customer disputes because of product/service misrepresentation. 

Is Adam’s Method A Worthy Investment For Moms?

Adam’s Method could be a worthy investment for moms. However, it’s a big gamble because the business model requires a higher level of digital marketing knowledge, and implementing affiliate arbitrage is expensive. PPC campaigns alone cost $15,000 per month on average. Despite all the effort and money you put up doing business Adam's way, there's no guarantee of success. Only 5% of affiliate marketers make consistent passive income and only 1% make it super affiliate level. Adam's method is risky, but it can also be profitable. You either lose money following an expensive money-making strategy or double your investment through a high-risk, high-reward business venture. 

If you’re looking for a low-risk online business with guaranteed returns, my recommendation is local lead generation. This business model builds and ranks digital properties. Ranked digital properties place you in front of an audience who are looking for the products and services you’re selling. It’s like owning prime real estate in the real world. As a digital landlord, you earn passive income by renting out these digital properties. Over 10 million companies in the United States don’t have a site, so there’s a huge market for this service. This business is low-maintenance and you only need about $500 to build a site. It’s the best passive income business for moms at home. 

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