February 1, 2024

“I’m not a guru, I am an operator”. Tiffany High says in an ad for the 2-Day Workshop that she’s not going to sugarcoat you with over-promising offers and hyped-up success. Instead, she’ll walk you through the process of becoming a profitable real estate investor through a 2-day exclusive workshop and her other programs offered at the Results Driven platform. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Tiffany has a business offer that she believes has the potential to become recession-proof if implemented right. She empowers mothers like herself to start a profitable real estate business. Tiffany swears she doesn’t like fluff because she’s too focused on getting results for her mentees. Does this make her the best coach for stay-at-home moms? This 2-Day Workshop review covers all you need to know about this realtor-centered live event and the driving force behind it. 

The 2-Day Workshop is an in-person event wherein aspiring realtors learn firsthand from Tiffany, Josh, and their seasoned team. In this event, Tiffany and Josh share their secret about how they made 300 deals in a year, plus over 4 million dollars in property flips and wholesale deals. They’ll also share proven strategies on how to build a successful 7-figure real estate business. The cost of the live training is not disclosed. You need to book a call with their sales team to find out the details. 

This live workshop focuses on five key areas of the real estate business. The first key area is streamlining a process for inbound and outbound marketing efforts. The next one focuses on finding, hiring, and onboarding coachable team members who are hungry for success. Acquisitions is the next key area wherein students learn a 5-day repeatable onboarding process. This process includes training new hires to become powerful closers, implementing KPI metrics, call-auditing, and conducting periodic performance reviews. The fourth key area includes a system for finding high-quality leads you can convert into buyers. Students are also taught exit strategies suitable for any deal type. Tiffany and Josh believe that the key to a successful real estate business is building a dedicated and results-driven team. So, the fifth key area is dedicated to ensuring the management and leaders are ready to take on the business. 

Tiffany and Josh High’s 2-Day Workshop In Real Estate Investing

Tiffany and Josh High are the husband-and-wife duo behind The 2-Day Workshop and Results Driven REI. They are successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs from Columbus, Ohio, United States. Tiffany had an extensive sales and leadership background before she ventured into the world of real estate. Her first corporate job was as brand and program manager for Marathon Petroleum Corporation. After that, she spent four years working for Husky Energy and she also became business manager for Owens Corning. Josh has an engineering background. He earned his degree in civil engineering from The University of Toledo. After that, he worked as an assistant superintendent for Turner Construction Company. He also became a project engineer for Rudolph Libbe, Inc. The couple founded their first real estate course in 2018, called Results Driven REI and the Results Driven educational platform followed. 

Their goal for every realtor they coach is to build a solid team by developing more consistent closers, a better deal flow, and a predictable monthly cash flow. Tiffany believes that a successful real estate business is the product of having the right team and systems in place. The couple helps real estate investors recruit the right people and guide them through onboarding and training. They also teach real estate business owners how to manage a team using daily key performance indicators (KPIs).  

Surprisingly, I didn’t find much discussion in forums like Quora and Reddit about Tiffany and Josh or any of their programs. What I did find, though, are testimonials from students posted on their website and YouTube channel. The most recent one is a testimonial from Regina White and Jeff Smith, where they shared their transition from land-based ventures to direct-to-seller market. According to Regine and Jeff, the program helped them focus on key strategies that drive the business. Before the program, they used to focus on getting leads and closing quick-cash deals. Since they started with Tiffany and Josh, they shifted their focus on setting goals, creating an accountability routine, and crafting a marketing plan that suits their budget. 

They have been in the program for just four months, and they’re already 13 transactions in, plus ongoing projects. Together with another partner, Andrew, they expanded and welcomed a project manager and operations manager to the team. 

Regina White and Jeff Smith talk about their experience of being in the program mentored by Tiffany and Josh High.

Is The 2-Day Workshop A Good Investment for Stay-at-Home Moms?

The 2-Day Workshop might be a good investment for stay-at-home moms who have a background in real estate or are serious about investing in this business. For this program to work, interested participants should have enough time and resources to dedicate to this business. Busy stay-at-home moms should carefully asses if they can commit to the busy schedule of real estate investors. This program includes strategies like property flipping and wholesaling. These are time-consuming ventures. It would take about 6 months to a year for beginners to complete a property flip from buying to renovating and finally selling the property for profit. Flipping a property can be capital-intensive. A single flip could cost from $20,000 to $70,000 for renovation, repairs, and furnishing. 

Real estate wholesaling is a time-sensitive business. You need to work quickly from the time you secure a contract to closing the deal with a buyer. This could be a stressful business for moms who are also managing kids and a household because you need to work in an efficient timeline to ensure you seal the deal before the contract expires. Property wholesaling could also get you into legal trouble if you’re not knowledgeable of the local regulations and restrictions. According to Real Estate Skills, wholesaling is a legal business in all 50 states in the U.S. However, some states like Illinois, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Texas have certain restrictions in place. Illinois, for example, only allows real estate wholesaling to licensed realtors. The same restriction applies in Oklahoma. 

My Number 1 Business Recommendation

Overall, the 2-Day Workshop is a potentially good program. However, it may not be a good fit for stay-at-home moms who have time and financial limitations. My recommendation is a business model that requires low initial investment, offers time flexibility, and generates predictable monthly income. Local lead generation teaches how to build a portfolio of digital assets that earn on autopilot. Owning ranked digital properties is like owning prime real estate. They earn passive income from rentals and they also generate leads you can sell at 85% margins. It’s my most recommended business opportunity for moms because it’s low-maintenance yet the income potential is consistent and long-term. 

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